Press Release Phnom Penh, Wednesday 13rd Nov 2013

ONLINE Joined BarCamp ITC as Gold and Internet Sponsor


On Oct 19-20 2013, BarCamp ITC took place with more than 1200 participants. As the leading ISP provider in Cambodia, ONLINE was proud to join the event as gold and internet sponsor. Beside one of the main contributors, ONLINE also assigned senior technical staffs to be presenters sharing new technology and experience to students and young IT professional. The main objective of ONLINE supporting this workshop was to help bringing up-to-date knowledge and information to Cambodian people.

The BarCamp ITC was an important fair for the students to broaden their knowledge about IT and technology as well as building relationship with people both in the same industries and those coming from different background. There were many interesting topics which participants could choose to join freely at their convenience and interest. As active supporter, ONLINE prepared two topics related to Billing System and CISCO Networking. With solid background and extensive work experience, ONLINE team did create an inductive teaching environment which the participants were allowed to involve with interactive activity with trainers and technical devices. From the event, it was a good experience for ONLINE due to the possibility to share the usual knowledge as well as consultation to students about the new technology. Besides, ONLINE gained a lot of awareness from participants who were interested in learning more about ONLINE Company.

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