Press Release Phnom Penh, January 1st 2012

Traffic accidents and ways to reduce the fatality rates


Cambodia experiences one of the highest motor bike accidents in the Southeast Asia region. Especially with the dramatic increase in population every year, Phnom Penh city experienced the most impact. Despite the fact that all individual should be cautious while on the road, it is still a vital aspect that all motorcyclist should wear a quality helmet in order to help improve the national injury prevention and/or fatality rates.

To support the mandatory helmet law that is in place and to increase awareness for traffic safety in Cambodia, ONLINE Company donated 100 pieces of helmets, 80 pieces of Banners for volunteers use, along with leaflets, 40 parasols that will be use throughout all Red Cross branches in Phnom Penh, and seminar support at Universities in co-operation with the Red Cross. In addition to that, the Cambodia Red Cross is tackling on this additional safety message by providing “First Aid” educational program for public. The mission of this program is for at least one person per household understands and knows how to treat patient properly before any medical professional reach the scenes.

Although the sponsor might seemed minimal, but because of the concern from our Managing Director, Luk Chomteav Sothy Monica regarding the increase in total number of traffic accidents in Phnom Penh as well as in provinces, she decided that ONLINE needs to establish a plan to help reduce the fatality rate in partner with the Red Cross of Cambodia. ONLINE also believes that besides good helmet standards, the enforcement of public awareness education as crucial interventions is as well very essential. Working in conjunction with the Red Cross, police force, and with the national government, ONLINE hopes to increase public awareness for traffic safety which in turn, decreasing the number of fatality rates in Cambodia.

In addition to that ONLINE has always participates in many other corporate social responsibilities activities, naming from supporting and strengthening the educational program in Cambodia, to developing society and humanity. Under the superior lead by Luk Chomteav Sothy Monica, Managing Director of ONLINE, we will continue to put our very best efforts in being a part of this improvement.

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