ONLINE Virtual IPO PABX is an advanced technology in preparing internal phone extension within or between branches of companies. With ONLINE service, companies are able to internally communicate without any cost for on-site PBX and the hassles of managing it. What’s more, they could also link from one to another branch with long distance across the country.

Features of ONLINE Virtual IPO PABX:

  • Interactive voice record
  • Chat system
  • Free local call
  • Cheap rate for oversea call
  • IDD number
  • Policy for each extension
  • Voice record
  • Voice record management
  • Extension call management


Benefits of ONLINE Virtual IPO PABX:

  • Reduce initial expense
  • No maintenance required
  • Scalable and easy to expand
  • No expertise and resource required to manage telephone system
  • Suitable for growing number of workforce
  • Portable