Eco-Friendly Internal Training Program

COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) conducted an internal sharing session including team leaders from each department to ensure a thorough understanding of Eco-friendly environment, Suitability when it come to office supplies and ensuring a habitual change when it comes to waste. We aim to educate our staff at COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) about ecological sustainability to ensure we be as environmentally damage free.

Our  commitment to become eco-friendly working environment comes with different level phases at which will be taken into action much later on. The marketing department is working along side the human resources / administration department. Our phase one action includes posters at which will be posted within each department in regards to the 3rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Instructive infographic poster to show better level of understanding. Implementing a bin categorical wastage system ensuring we help other industry factors.


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