Sales Training Program by DailyPlus

As the Covid situation improves in Cambodia, On Saturday the 12th of March 2022, Cogetel Ltd. (Online) held a Sales training program by Dailyplus for its employee within the Sales / Marketing department. Dailyplus trains and works with individuals, groups and organization to ignite their full potential. Offering workshops and public courses. The training program allowed for the attending staff to attribute more in regards to team work, Soft and hard skills in Sales. The objective of the sales training program included: To get salespeople to stick to sales / To equip salespeople with the right selling attitude / To inject the interpersonal intelligent skills.

The training session held on Saturday the 12th of March 2022 was coordinated by our Head of Human Resources & Admin Department. With set snack and drinks prepared by our Company. The Soft-sales Training: Integrating Winning attitudes to go beyond expectations session was held by Mr. Savoeurn Sou (Corporate trainer at Dailyplus, Cable Book Author) and Mr. Thida Yon (Training and Partnership Manger Dailyplus learning).

The training session including Sales theory, Sales attuite, sales motivation. During the set program we had team building games at which help the Online / Internet Home Staff understand the 3c model (Company, Competition and Customer).

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