The Merit Award For Success 2022

Since the start COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) has been acknowledge with award nominations and winnings in the categories of Global Perfection, Quality and Business Prestige, Business Excellence and Commitment. Our commitment when it comes to business quality and everyday practices excel as we commit to grow fundamentally as a business renowned in Cambodia.

The Business Award at which COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) was nominated and won by Otherways. Otherways international award acknowledgment program is a business-oriented association which focuses on business enterprises establishing new commercial, economical and finally professional relation. A multi-sector forum that allows the “Award – Symbol” icon bordering on high quality standards and “trust Factor thus a modern solid scope of international recognition worldwide.
COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) serves it customer with assurance of quality and reliability. Being internationally recognize and winning awards at an international level can only reassure our customer about our commitment to quality service in Cambodia.

As Cambodia has been a successful covid – 19 recovery story, businesses have had to reshape and adapt to an ever-changing world. This award proves no matter the given situation weather social, economic or environmental. COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) once again proves that it cores values (MISSION / VISION) are credible and reliable. We aim to assure that company stand out on an international and national level. COGETEL Ltd. (ONLINE) would like to thanks its supporters and loyal customers for supporting us.

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