Smart Light Bulb

No. LS024

$   49.00

The LifeSmart Bluetooth Light Bulbs can work stand along, and provide a creative light environment, which can replace traditional light bulbs. Through a two-way communication and remote control via a mobile device by bluetooth directly. Illumination, color selection, dynamic transition effects, and smart interactions with other devices can be set and changed in real time to create the perfect atmosphere at home. Also it provides different mode , like music part color change , shake & play mode, and the Good night mode which can help you go to sleep by emotional color.

Size : 120*70mm
Wireless Distance : 400m (open filed)
Number of Color : 16 million colors+ White light
Mandible : Yes
Operating Frequency : 433MHz GFSK
Power : <6W
Voltage : 110V – 240V AC
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